Selections Committee

Welcome to the Cyber Security Global Alliance. If you are looking over this page and were directed here by one of our board members, then you have come to the right place.

Key Benefits of Cyber Security Global Alliance

When a person, business, or organization purchases a paid membership at Cyber Security Global Alliance, they will gain an exclusive membership to join, meet, engage and interact with other paid members.

Access to our membership services and plans

  • Access to our upcoming digital publication “CSGA Cyber News” coming soon.

  • Access to our quarterly member briefing of events, seminars and online interviews.

  • Access to regular updates, discussions and our think tanks.

  • Access to our events, webinars, special groups and presentations.

  • Access to exclusive discounts from a variety of vendors and organizations that offer services including cyber insurance, certifications and training, industry specials, corporate events, and more.

  • Access to a members-only exclusive job board (coming soon).

If they need a particular product or service in cybersecurity, we will be happy to facilitate an introduction to them. This includes discounts on lead generation, marketing, pentesting and managed security services.

Please contact for more information on the benefits of joining the Cyber Security Global Alliance.

Cyber Security Global Alliance's Selections Committee and Exclusive Membership

Join the Selections Committee of Cyber Security Global Alliance and gain an exclusive membership to engage and interact with paid members globally. Language barriers are minimal.