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Cyber Security Global Alliance is helping our SMB Businesses in providing low-cost Cyber Defense Solutions in an Environment of Increasing Cyber Threats globally!

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During Toronto Tech Fest 2024, all levels of Memberships will be discounted by 95% for our Event Attendees Exclusively. For more information ask CSGA Master of Ceremonies for the Special Discount Code. 

SOFT LAUNCH Announcement:
CSR5 Global Program, which offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that integrates advanced protection and rapid recovery to ensure your small to medium-sized business remains resilient and successful in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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@ Toronto Tech Fest 2024

Quantum e-Motion

Toronto, May 22nd, 2024 – Terranova Defense Solutions (TDS), Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA), and Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) announced a partnership to help Ontario’s aerospace industry prepare for future cyber security threats and industry certifications. This partnership will help OAC provide Ontario’s aerospace industry the guidance and resources it needs to do that.

The Ontario Aerospace Council will be attending this years Collision 2024 with Terranova Defense to promote our National Supply Chain Security Program based on the US Department of Defense's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for countries outside the United States, like Canada with a strong focus on Aerospace and Defense.

Announcement: Cyber Security Global Alliance
Collision 2024 After-Party with Cyber Security Global Alliance

For more information on how you can participate with this years after-party event, come see us on June 18th and June 19th or press the link below:

CSGA Global Cyber Divisions

CSGA Cybersecurity Incident Response Team
Cyber Accelerator
CSR5 Global
Ransomware Software
Cyberterrorism Think Tank

Each of the four divisions are a part of the Cyber Security Global Alliance framework that has been designed to enhance key services of this organization to provide the best available resources to our strategic partners and members today.

CSGA Cyber Task Force and Cyberterrorism Think Tank is a hybrid services for law enforcement and cyber terrorism that is run by CSGA Experts from a variety of fields in relation to cyber defense protection of people, companies, the government and the military.

These meetings are held online on the TEAMS and/or Zoom Platform based on the groups preference and security requirements.

CSGA Cyber Accelerator was developed in the summer of 2021 in sponsorship with Workhaus Kitchener and the Provincial Government of Ontario. This division will provide a variety of services for SMEs looking to develop their businesses with ideas and plans for the future which includes education and shared resources.

CSGA Online Safety Group is a collection of information on phishing, online scams, cyber threat and more that is being made available to give people the opportunity to become more aware about the threats that are out there. OSG is also the area to find the CSGA Newsletter and general release documents by our experts in forms of whitepapers, articles, blogs and other online content.

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