Membership Committee

The Membership Committee aims to increase recruitment and retention of CSGA members across the three domains of cybersecurity, education and certification and practice.


1. Ensure that CSGA provides high-quality services to its members.
2. Align new membership recruitment strategies with the overall goals of CSGA.
3. Increase membership retention and membership recruitment.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and retention activities.
5. Increase the effectiveness of the membership data base to render more comprehensive data to better inform retention and recruitment strategies.

Terms of Reference

1. Monitor and evaluate trends in membership.
2. Regularly evaluate members’ satisfaction with CSGA services.
3. Provide recommendations to the CSGA Board of Directors as to how best to serve the membership.
4. Assist other CSGA committees as needed regarding providing up-to-date membership information.
5. Identify groups that would benefit from belonging to CSGA but currently do not.
6. Target a membership campaign specific groups that would benefit from belonging to CSGA but currently do not.
7. Remove barriers to groups that will benefit from belonging to CSGA but are currently unable to join (e.g., undergraduates, practitioners).


The Membership Committee reports to the Board of Directors through the Director Responsible for Membership, who is also the Committee Chair.


The Membership Committee is composed of the Director Responsible for Membership and those CSGA members who volunteer or who are invited to sit on the Committee by the Chair.

Committee Size and Activity

CSGA committees are important membership recruitment and retention vehicles. The goal of each committee chair is to recruit a maximum of 10 committee members from a diverse cross section of CSGA members. The Committee needs to be active, with communications occurring at a frequency of once a month at a minimum. Committee membership is a good training and recruitment tool for senior positions within the Association and Committee members are excellent informed ambassadors for CSGA and about CSGA’s activities.

Responsibilities of Committee Members

The Membership Committee members are responsible for pursuing the vision and terms of reference of the Committee. To this effect, members participate in all discussions pertaining to membership and work on projects or issues brought forward by the Committee, the Board of Directors, the sections and the members as appropriate.

Membership Term

Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors through the Board member responsible for the Committee for one year with the intention that members will serve for a two (2) year term. Membership recruitment and retirement is staggered to ensure continuity and Committee institutional memory.

Meetings and Reporting

Throughout the year communication will take place primarily through e-mail. Conference calls will be arranged by the Chair. Meetings will have minutes and will be recorded. Regular communication of the plans and activities of the Committee will be provided to the membership through the Committee’s Annual Report to the Annual General Meeting, articles in Psynopsis and information on the web site and to the Board of Directors through reports to each Board meeting by the Committee Chair/Co-Chair.

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Join the Membership Committee of Cyber Security Global Alliance to contribute towards increasing recruitment and retention of CSGA members, strategic business partners, and affiliates worldwide in the domains of cybersecurity, education, and certification.